Saturday, June 14, 2014

#pinkpolicehouston with Joan Rivers

Laugh and Live for the Cure
Joan Rivers
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
11:00am - 1:30pm
at Royal Sonesta Hotel
This year, Susan G. Komen's annual Impact Awards Luncheon, is full of surprises, and a whole lot of flair. While still celebrating and honoring Susan G. Komen Houston and its award winners' achievements, Joan Rivers will be in attendance to speak about overcoming adversity and offer a healthy serving of comedic relief.

In honor of Joan's visit, we've created our fashion police inspiration with our favorite pink picks for summer. Hopefully Joan will approve of our choices:)  For tickets and details, go here.   

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 1: Dior Lip Glow

Guess what today is??? The start of our 5 Days of Dior Beauty!! I've sampled, I've tested, I've luxuriated in the glow of Dior beauty, and now I will share my 5 favorites.  Without further adieu….

The first one on the list, The Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm. It's smooth, hydrating, and gives everybody's lips the perfect naturally pink shade. Add to that the most adorable pink packaging, and we have a winner:)    

Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Days of Dior

Had a delightful mini-breakfast/ make-up party at the Dior counter earlier this month with a couple of fellow bloggers.  It's always amazing to me, even after years of applying my own makeup (not to mention reading endless amounts of fashion mags) that I still have no idea what I'm doing.  We had an absolute ball sampling Dior's newest products.  As a matter of fact, I LOVED so many of them, that I've decided to share with you a TOP 5 list of my Dior favorites. I came home and tested out a slew of different Dior, and every day this week I'll reveal the "best of the best" that you can add to your own Macy's wish list. Stay tuned:)   

Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh my Scones!!!

Move over cupcakes and French macarons, there's a new (yet many centuries old) sweet pastry in town. I received the happiest little delivery this week courtesy of The Scone Artist, a.k.a. baker Rachel Teichman. Her scones are light, fluffy, and just flat out addictive. In my delightful little package, I received chocolate/coconut/Hawaiian chip (YUM), and chocloate/cranberry/pecan (double YUM). Not only was I a fan, but I had a small gentleman who repeated requested "mo scone" after his first bite. They are the perfect bite-size, and I started having visions of these happy little treats covering pretty tables in the next trunk show, birthday party, or baby shower (as long as it's somebody else's baby shower). Or just an excellent reason to throw your own high tea. See more of her fun flavor combo's here.       

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Amerejuve Beauty Review

Recently, the lovely folks at Amerejuve invited me in to take a tour of their facility, and even treated me to my very first microdermabrasion treatment. I visited their Kingwood location, and was greeted with a smile by the sweet and exuberant clinic manager Trich Dunn. Trich showed me around, kindly offered me a glass of wine, and gave me the rundown on the various services offered by the the wellness spa.  I had no idea that they do everything from basic facials, to major cosmetic surgeries, and everything in between.  

So on to the microderm. I was a little bit nervous:) I kept picturing that episode of Sex in the City when Samantha got a chemical peel, and looked like a lobster for days. However, I did some research before I went, and microderm is super effective, but much more gentle. The esthetician uses a mechanical exfoliation machine that removes the uppermost layer of skin with a small wand, and the process is said to soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pores, age spots, etc.  Tammy, my talented esthetician explained everything as we went along, and made sure I was comfortable. The microderm felt little bit like sandpaper on my face (not in a bad way), and  I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle it was. Once we were all finished, Tammy pulled the tiny filter out of the the machine that collects your dead skin cells (not nearly as icky as it sounds), and showed me what was removed. The old dead skin cells that have been hanging out on my face, hiding its natural brightness were all gone. Good riddance to you dead skin cells!

 I was sure my sensitive face would be beat red after the procedure, but it looked completely normal, and felt super duper silky. The next day, it looked better than normal, was soft, and had that "well rested" glow to it. I also noticed that my makeup application went on smoother, and looked remarkably better than usual. I can see how a monthly microderm would easily become an addictive indulgence:)  As instructed by Tammy, I used a higher spf on my face for several days after, since removing the outlet layer makes your skin much more sensitive to the sun.

Overall, I was just delighted with my Amerejuve experience. Next time around I'd love to try out one of their body sculpting services. The coolsculpting procedure looks especially amazing. In the mood to pamper yourself? Browse their wide array of services here:)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Neiman's Last Call Spring Trends Soiree

One of Houston's loveliest fashion bloggers, Jule at From Prosecco to Plaid is hosting a spring trend presentation at Last Call this week.  Stop in, sip champagne, and take advantage of that $15 coupon:) xo

Friday, February 28, 2014

LOVE the Kate Spade Flagship

 A pure delight for the senses, is the only way I can describe the new Kate Spade Flagship that is now sparkling in Highland Village.  The gorgeous spacious shop is perfection from each impeccably placed accessory, to the custom golden clothing racks, whimsical array of wallpapers, hidden mirrored doors, and feminine architectural details.  Around every turn is something more glittery than the last, and yet the fan favorite of the evening was found in a funky little bangle known as the Goreski Glasses.  Instagram was flooded with fans donning the funny bangle last night (I too tried it on…twice), while I couldn't keep my eyes off this black and white day planner, or this one.

Dying to see for yourself??  Head to the grand opening party tonight from 6-8.  Details here.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Novawhite Beauty Review

 A while back I was asked to review this fab system called NovaWhite. They are the official whitening peeps for the Rockets Dancers, so I was definitely intrigued. I'm an avid coffee/diet coke drinker, so as you can imagine, I'm also an avid teeth whitener as well:) 

Admittedly, I was a little intimidated when I first opened the package of Novawhite goodies, I thought it looked complicated, but after a quick peek at the directions I realized it was SO SO easy. 

Here's how you use these bad boys...

1. Boil some water (fab teacup optional), and drop the little plastic mouth piece in for 5 seconds (not much longer or the plastic will warp)

2. When you pull the mouth tray out (don't burn yourself), pop it in your mouth and bite down.  Voila, a custom fit. 

*Make sure the water is boiling, if not, the plastic will not be malleable enough to make a good impression. 

3.  Grab one plastic syringe, and twist off the end. Place a tiny drop of gel into each bumpy indentation in the mouth piece, and pop it back in your chompers.

4. Whiten for 30-60 minutes,or however long floats your boat.  

I'm a fan. My biggest complaint with EVERY single teeth whitener I've used thus far in my life, is that the solution makes my teeth so sensitive, that I rarely can do a full treatment, and my teeth are sensitive for a full week afterward. I didn't feel a single bit of sensitivity after using Novawhite.  I used it for 2 days in a row, for 30 minutes at a clip.  It's also such a treat to have a custom fitting system that you can do at home, without having to hit up the dentist. Much more effective than the little strips you buy at the drugstore. A+ to you NovaWhite.   

Want to give it a try? Houston's Weekly Chic readers receive 15% off when you purchases your first kit!  Just use the promo code "TresChic15" at, and you'll have pearly whites in no time:)

NovaWhite is an official sponsor of Operation Amerithon, supporting veteran communities across the nation through the Travis Manion Foundation. NovaWhite is also the official teeth whitening sponsor of the NBA 2013-2014 Houston Rockets Power Dancers, as well as, Dress for Success Worldwide, in an effort to empower disadvantaged women through ongoing product and monetary donations.